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We believe in giving individual attention to each of our students. Hence we prefer having minimum number of students and do not believe in cramming the class with students just to increase our intake volume. The guru is the best person to decide how many students in a batch can be accommodated without impacting on the individual focus that she has to provide. .
One can start from as early as 4 years of age and there is no age limit for commencing with classes for dance, as long as one has the drive, passion and willingness to learn and work diligently towards mastering it.
We do provide short demo sessions for new students to understand the student’s capacity and interest towards the dance form. The demo sessions will last for 30-45 minutes and will be provided at a nominal charge of $25.
We highly recommend having at least 2 classes in a week as it will help students to stay in touch with the lessons, learn consistently over a prolonged period as well as learn quickly.
While we do not decline individual teaching, we do highly recommend group coaching. Opting for a group class has a better chance for students to catch up on the instructions and the best way to perform them. We believe that 25% of the learning comes from watching and dancing with others. It creates a healthy competition among kids to excel with one another.
The fees should be paid before the term begins and We will send reminder one week in advance with the bank details.In case of long absence, the fees will not be adjusted against next term. However, Teacher will try best to accommodation your daughter in other batches to compensate the absence.
We do not follow any token system or discount as the fee is kept very nominal.
We do not encourage crash or short term course as it needs a long term commitment.
We highly consider each student as a great dancer. We expect them to be regular to the class once the decision has been made to learn this wonderful art form. Please check your convenient, transport facilities and suitable timing for dance class before joining.
It varies from student to student as it depends on their learning capacity and the speed at which they learn. It is also at the discretion of guru to take decision in this regard.
The Annual Day is one of the most prestigious days for the academy and highlights our achievements in the past year and the students who have excelled themselves in the dance form. This is also the stage for such talented students to showcase their dance skills in front of a much bigger audience. We expect parent and guardians to participate and encourage their children in their performance. A small amount will be charged to meet the expenses of the programme.
We provide students the complete freedom to carry out their learning in a way suitable to them and constantly interact with their guru in case of any concerns. Below are some general guidelines that we expect our students to be following –

  1. Students should be always punctual and on time for their classes
  2. Girls are expected to wear kurta/pyjama. Jeans and skirts are strictly not allowed
  3. Many time, there are additional classes held to practice for an upcoming performance; attendance to such classes is 100% required
  4. Students are encouraged to practice in their homes in addition to their academic learning timings
  5. Students are expected to have a cordial and respectful attitude towards their colleagues.
  6. When you enrol for the class, make sure that you mentally ready to take on the learning with utmost dedication
  7. Show discipline, respect and passion for your guru and for the dance form and you will be sure of being successful as a graceful dancer
  8. Be ready to carry out hard work and dedication while practicing
  9. Conduct yourself with obedience and punctuality at all time

As guardian of the students, parents play a major role in encouraging and motivating their kids. It creates a sustained level of interest and help them learn to dance with passion and expression. – A few guidelines for parents in this regard would be

  • Ensure that your child is regular to the class
  • Motivate the child to practice at home  under your supervision
  • Keep faith in the guru and let him/her decide on how best to incorporate the dance into your child’s life. The teacher is the best person to guide students in this regards and a free hand by the parents will help their case considerably.
  • Ensure that your child adheres to strict discipline and good behaviour both in the class and outside  and be her best and honest critic
  • Be ready to not to hold back when it comes to fulfilling the dream in your child’s eyes even if it means investing in costumes and jewellery for them for their performance.

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