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Giboy Joseph

We just want to give you a huge thank you for your effort and dedication to make  the annual program so enjoyable for each person presented there.Both your and Shivani’s performance were excellent. Thanks for making so much progress for Maria within 3 months time.


Congratulations on an amazing show of passion, talent and dedication. It was quite entertaining and inspiring. All my friends who attended the show said they enjoyed every minute of it. They were all praise for your amazing and clever choreography and especially liked your “Tribute to Kalam”. They liked the way the program flowed and how each dance has a story to tell rather than just being a random array of songs. They also appreciated the way you showcased every student from your youngest and least experienced to your senior and most experienced and put them together giving everyone equal importance and helping them learn from each other. It was beautiful to watch. Your passion for dance and what dance meants to you was evident throughout the show. My friend’s aunt, who is visiting from India, said, it brought back fond memories of her own children dancing years ago and said the whole experience felt like “home away from home”. Another of my friends, who is a fully trained classical dancer herself, said the performances were so inspiring that she was tempted to join them. Overall, I think you have proved that art can not only be entertaining but also inspiring. Once again, hearty congratulations to you, Sriram, Shivani , your mother and all your friends, students and their parents who made the evening so memorable and successful. Wishing you all the very best and more success in future and looking forward to lot more wonderful events like this.

Sangeetha Thayabaran

It’s my daughter Lashitha who started initially with akka. And at that time the parents could sit and watch them dancing. I was amazed by her passion towards dancing and the love of teaching the kids. Not only dance our kids learn with her, also they learn about our embedded culture, discipline, respecting each other,trying their level best and not giving up easily.

I learnt bharatanatyam at a very young age, but I doubt whether I enjoyed this much as I do now. She has definitely impressed so many mums like me to follow their dreams again. Thank you so much akka for encouraging us and guiding us!

I wish all the very best for the years to come. We are very lucky to have you in Brisbane. So please stay with us and keep rocking. May the almighty bless you abundantly. We the senior students love you so much!

Sorubi Suresan mother of Anjali Suresan

Thank you so much for all your devotion and dedication to your students.  I invited my friends and family members and all were full of compliments as to how good the entire program was.  It was really exciting and thrilling and Anjali and I are thrilled to be part of something so good.  We look forward to starting classes again.

Raagee Nair

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. .. Albert Einstein.
This is  not just a quote but you are an epitome of supreme art ,perseverance and dedication. Thank you dear akka for being the best teacher with the smallest of tempers and the biggest of hearts. You are the reason your students are here. It has been a blessing for me to get you as my dance teacher .

I have again learnt the lesson from you that perseverance and dedication are extremely important to attain our passion in the desired way . Thank you for being so kind and loving and treating each and every student equally and knowing their abilities and giving an equal opportunity. It’s our pleasure for me and my daughters to be your students. You are simply the BEST !!!

Thank you

Shiksha Sridhar

I joined the lalitha kalalaya dance school a little over a year ago. Coming from a South Indian background, it is standard for children to learn either singing or dance. Having tried dance for a short period of time when I was very young, I chose to pursue singing. When I moved here, I decided to do something different and thought dance would be a good option.

Where most dance students start learning from a very young age, I started now and that in itself has been a challenge.

Akka, I cannot thank you enough for your patience, persistence and determination in helping me learn this beautiful art form. You have shown me an appreciation for this through your choreography, your work and your immense passion.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to perform with your school this year and I wish you nothing but the very best for the future of your school.

Krunal Mehta

We would like to thank Padma miss and the whole team for the efforts they put behind running this show with so much of dedication and authenticity.
We are grateful to her for all the teaching and hard-work.
Herself and Sriram (along with her team) is doing exceptionally well to preserve the tradition and culture of India in Australia. Hats off and all the best in coming years. May lord bless with you progress and prosperity.
Kind Regards
Krunal and Jinisha Mehta.
Parents of Tanish Mehta.

Archana Pichumani

I am Archana (36 years old). I am from Ireland and taking online lessons with Lalithakalalaya. I learnt dance for few years during my schooling and lost touch for more than a decade. I was so curious to learn dance and joined six months ago. Mrs. Padmalakshmi is my teacher and she is very very talented and her patience level is extraordinary. She gives her heart and soul to dance and her passion towards dancing is really awesome. Her approach in understanding each and every student’s strength and weakness is highly commendable. I struggle a lot while dancing but she never gave/give up on me and make sure that I understand and gives me ample time to correct my mistakes. She ensures that while dancing we put in 100% effort and concentration. She takes both theory and practicals, so that the depth of a particular adavu/Jathi etc is easily understandable. I am so happy to be her student and She is a very special teacher to me. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and its a bliss to watch her dance.

Malarville Srinivasarao

My dear Akka, Mrs.Padma, I would like to thank you for your persistence, dedication and for the knowledge you have given me. Your choreography is beyond my words, as it is too beautiful. I feel very happy dancing to your choreography. Your dancing ability, will be with me a long long time. The joy I have also received will be cherish always. There is only one word and that’s Thank You, Mam, thank you for all your love and blessings.

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