Lalitha Kalalaya

Malarville Srinivasarao

My dear Akka, Mrs.Padma, I would like to thank you for your persistence, dedication and for the knowledge you have given me. Your choreography is beyond my words, as it is too beautiful. I feel very happy dancing to your choreography. Your dancing ability, will be with me a long long time. The joy I have also received will be cherish always. There is only one word and that’s Thank You, Mam, thank you for all your love and blessings.

Sorubi Suresan mother of Anjali Suresan

Thank you so much for all your devotion and dedication to your students.  I invited my friends and family members and all were full of compliments as to how good the entire program was.  It was really exciting and thrilling and Anjali and I are thrilled to be part of something so good.  We look forward to starting classes again.

Giboy Joseph

We just want to give you a huge thank you for your effort and dedication to make  the annual program so enjoyable for each person presented there.Both your and Shivani’s performance were excellent. Thanks for making so much progress for Maria within 3 months time.

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