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Congratulations on an amazing show of passion, talent and dedication. It was quite entertaining and inspiring. All my friends who attended the show said they enjoyed every minute of it. They were all praise for your amazing and clever choreography and especially liked your “Tribute to Kalam”. They liked the way the program flowed and how each dance has a story to tell rather than just being a random array of songs. They also appreciated the way you showcased every student from your youngest and least experienced to your senior and most experienced and put them together giving everyone equal importance and helping them learn from each other. It was beautiful to watch. Your passion for dance and what dance meants to you was evident throughout the show. My friend’s aunt, who is visiting from India, said, it brought back fond memories of her own children dancing years ago and said the whole experience felt like “home away from home”. Another of my friends, who is a fully trained classical dancer herself, said the performances were so inspiring that she was tempted to join them. Overall, I think you have proved that art can not only be entertaining but also inspiring. Once again, hearty congratulations to you, Sriram, Shivani , your mother and all your friends, students and their parents who made the evening so memorable and successful. Wishing you all the very best and more success in future and looking forward to lot more wonderful events like this.

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